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An eclectic night of music and poetry for justice at work and against exploitation.

The Living Rage

 Music and poetry for justice at work and against exploitation

Friday 28th July 2017

|The Living Rage|


THE LIVING RAGE | Friday 28th July 2017
Music and poetry for justice at work and against exploitation

Ticket prices are £2 each. 


FEATURING: The Blueprint Doggz; M3; Flamezee & Flamezos; K Tellz; Minkles; Krucial Kidd; Glox; Jay Endless

The Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Rd
Food and refreshments 7-8pm
Acts from 8pm

Everyone has the right to be paid enough to live. No employer has the right to pay a poverty wage. The Labour Party says everyone should get £10 an hour: no exceptions. Don't wait for the election – get organised now to fight for your rights.

Zero hours contracts, bullying bosses, insecurity, and exploitation are unacceptable. This night is about building a movement so everyone can stand up for themselves at work.

We want to raise the voices of workers. We want to tell everyone everyday stories of exploitation at work, to show that we all have to stand up and get organised. Send us your videos and stories, and post them on Twitter at #thelivingrage

Supported by:
The Clarion Magazine; BFAWU – the Bakers' Union; Hungry for Justice; Lambeth Young Labour; Lewisham Young Labour; Broken Circle; Tha Minority


Supporters Information:

The Clarion is a new magazine produced by socialist activists in the Labour Party and Momentum,
with the aim of promoting debate and organising activists for socialist politics
Hungry for Justice is a UK-based campaign for workers’ rights in the fast food industry. They offer
help to workers who want to organise for their rights.
Lambeth Young Labour is a group of young Labour Party members organising for social change and a
Labour government. Anyone aged 27 or under is invited to get involved!
The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union is the only independent Trade Union operating within
the food industry and we’ve been representing working people since 1847. We’re proud of what
we’ve achieved over the years and we continue to lead the way in terms of fighting for a better deal
for our members.
The Broken Circle Movement #BrokenCircle is an organisation which helps support and develop
artists into the entertainment industry by providing : Showcases and events, performances, radio air
plays and interviews, workshops and artist mentoring.
Instagram @brokencirclemovement
Tha Minority is a music collective of rappers, MC's and producers

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